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My favourite online art supply shops in The Netherlands (and a few in the U.K.)

(Online) shops in The Netherlands

Judith from Splendith sells a delicious and impressive collection of art supplies, ranging from gouache, to acrylic inks to crafting materials like embroidery thread.

Splendiht is one of the few shops in NL who sell brands like Holbein, Dr Ph. Martins and Stillman & Birn sketchbooks. My favourites from Splendith are my Holbein Gouache palette, the Rebecca Green Holbein Acrylic Gouache set (unfortunately out of stock) and the Royal Talent Art Creation sketchbooks, which Splendith stocks in all the juicy new colours (lilac is my favourite). Receiving a parcel from Splendith is like getting a gift, as Judith wraps everything in beautiful paper. So lovely and thoughtful!

Free shipping from €50 in NL.

This is a relatively new find for me, but I love the range they have at Everycolor. I ordered something from them last night and it was already out for shipping this morning, so quick!

Everycolor sells Holbein pencils and paints as well, which is lovely. Other brands I love are Panpastel, Unison and Tombow. I have my eye on the Unison half stick mini sets, on which Sarah Dyer wrote a great article on the Jacksons blog.

Everycolor also have great aanbiedingen (sales) page, which I know will make many a Dutch heart beat a little faster. (I know mine did when I saw the epic panpastel set offer.) Sign up for their monthly newsletter to receive the occosional discount code, the November newsletter contains a discount code for the Unison half stick mini sets!

Free shipping from €60 in NL.

A good all round shop where I get most of my printmaking materials like Cranfield Caligo Safewash. They have a massive collection, lots of coloured pencils, crayons, inks, brushes, you name it. Free shipping from €100 in NL.

This lovely shop in Amsterdam is not really an art supply shop, but they stock a lot of beautiful brands like Midori, Kakimori and le typographe. If you love stationary definitely have a look at their website. I recently managed to get my hands on the Kakimori brass nib, it's on the way and I'm so excited to use it.

Art supply shops in the U.K.

Even though I don’t shop online anymore from NL because of Brexit, I do have a nosey whenever I’m in the U.K.

Gorgeous little shop in London. They sell stationary and art supplies like these gorgeous watercolour sets by Kuretake, with colours that were selected specially for Choosing Keeping.

I love the Japanese scissors that I bought there, designed for cutting out small details. They are a dream to work with. If you love working in collage I can highly recommend getting a pair.

Massive collection, fast delivery (when in the U.K.). Need I say more.

Happy shopping everyone!





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